Our Purpose

SEDO Operational Policy and Manual serves to provide guidelines to management and field staff at both the head office and branch offices. This document is intended to strengthen the overall management capacity of SEDO and to ensure high quality loan portfolio through the application of standard microfinance practices. It provides operational policies for external reference – such as financial institutions and clients—as well as operational manual for internal reference – SEDO employees and the Board. The policies and procedures mentioned in this document are to be applied to every step of operations at SEDO.

All SEDO employees share responsibility for ensuring that operations are fully in compliance with the policies and procedures in this document. Detection of instances of Non‐compliance and a continuation of non‐compliance will constitute grounds for a reprimand and could lead to dismissal. The Internal Audit and Risk Management Department should work closely with the management in dealing with the cases of non‐compliance. Although this policy and manual should stand the test of time, it may be modified to reflect the legislative, political and economic changes of Nigeria and its microfinance industry. Such modifications should be made only under the approval from the Managing Director with the consent of the BOT of SEDO, after consideration of its full effect on existing and future clients and business.